The Catalyst
Issue: November - December 1994

From the Office of the Deputy Directory, NIH

Table of Contents

  1. Celebrity Scientists: Perspectives from NIEHS Newsmakers
  2. Medical Pathological Waste Disposal Think Twice Before You Throw It Out
  3. Gazing into the Crystal Ball: NIH's Clinical Research Future, Part I
  4. Just the Ticket for NIH Fellows
  5. Letter to the Editor
  6. Establishing a Science Ethics Framework
  7. Coordination Between the Imprinting of Insulin-like Growth Factor 2 and H19
  8. Hot Methods Clinic: Tissue Microdissection: Ultraclean Cell Samples for Genetic Analysis
  9. Making the Grads at NIH: Joint Genetics Program Enters Second Year
  10. Recently Tenured
  11. HIV/AIDS in the Workplace: A Training Program Tailored to Scientists
  12. Commentaries
  13. FAX Feedback
  14. Boxed Items

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