No Quiescence in Sight For Cell Cycle Group

As the NIH Cell Cycle Interest Group is finding out, rapid growth is not a phenomenon confined to aggregations of cells. Because attendance at its first two gatherings exceeded the capacity of the seminar room in Building 37, the interest group is moving. The next meeting, on Feb. 7, which will focus on apoptosis, is tentatively scheduled to be held at a more spacious site, Room 142, Building 60 (The Cloisters). The Cell Cycle Interest Group was formed to facilitate communication between scientists working at the NIH campus and nearby institutions who are interested in the cell-cycle and related problems. For more information on the group or scheduled events, send your name, phone and fax numbers, and mailing or e-mail address to Patrick O'Conner (Building 37, Room 5C19; phone: 496-3269; fax: 402-0752; e-mail: or Mary Dasso (Building 18, Room 101; phone: 402-1555; fax: 402-0078; e-mail: mdasso@HELIX.NIH.GOV).

Cell Cycle Interest Group Calendar

Feb. 7
Yves Pommier, LMP-NCI
"Topoisomerase active drugs and apoptosis."

David Cohen, NIAID
"Cell cycle disregulation and cell death during HIV infection of T-cells."

March 7
Doug Ferris, BRMP/PRI DynCorp, Frederick, Md.
"Identification and characterization of a human mitotic polo-like kinase."

Roxanne Duan, CBMB, NICHD
"The Kidney Cancer Tumor Suppressor gene product, VHL-1."

April 19
Ed Harlow (Distinguished Speaker), Massachusetts General Hospital
Title to be announced.

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