If you read the DDIR's Bulletin Board, you may have noticed that the NIH Fellows Committee recently received support from the Scientific Directors for a merit-based travel-award program and for a one-day symposium.

The activities of the Fellows Committee include promoting education and career development, fostering communication among fellows, keeping fellows informed about policies affecting them, acting as a liaison to the administration on issues concerning fellows, and recognizing excellence in research and education. Since assuming its current form about a year ago, the Fellows Committee has sponsored career development seminars and Fellows Forums on the NIH tenure-track policy. This year, it is also sponsoring three speakers in the NIH Wednesday Afternoon Lectures; conducting a survey to assess fellows' access to, and knowledge of, computing resources at NIH; and working with the Office of Education to develop a fellows directory, fellows handbook, and the annual NIH Clinical Teacher Award.

The new NIH Fellows Award for Research Excellence was established to offer 30 travel awards to outstanding clinical and postdoctoral fellows. These awards will provide up to $1,000 toward travel expenses to a domestic scientific meeting attended in fiscal year (FY) 1995. The Scientific Directors of the Institutes, Centers, and Divisions have offered to support the fellows from their institutes who receive the award. All NIH postdoctoral and clinical fellows, including foreign or visiting fellows, are eligible for the award. The award winners, who will be announced Feb. 15, are selected through a review of submitted abstracts by a committee composed of postdoctoral fellows and tenured investigators. For more information on the Award for Research Excellence, contact Kathy Partin (phone: 496-9347; e-mail: PARTIN@HELIX.NIH.GO).

In FY 1995, the Fellows Committee will sponsor a full-day symposium on current research into a basic biological process. The aim of the program is to provide a coherent review of a topic of general interest to the NIH community, as well as to stimulate interaction among fellows. The symposium, tentatively scheduled for October, will feature leading figures in the field from within and outside NIH, and its sessions will be chaired by postdoctoral fellows. Fellows who are interested in working on the symposium organization committee should contact Thomas Kristie (phone: 496-3854; fax: 480-1560; e-mail: THOMAS_KRISTIE@ NIH.GOV).

The Fellows Committee was formed by expanding the Clinical Associates Committee to include both basic science and clinical representatives of each ICD at NIH. Current members are members of the Clinical Associates Committee, appointees named by the Scientific Directors, volunteers, or members of a fellows group organized by NIH Director Harold Varmus. In the future, to increase the representative nature of the panel, one basic science and one clinical representative will be nominated by the fellows of each ICD and will be appointed by the Scientific Director of each ICD. Representatives serve one-year terms, with a maximum of two terms of service.

Committee meetings, which are open to all fellows, are held at 4 p.m. on the first Thursday of every month. For more information, contact Jay Pearson (fax: (410) 558-8393; e-mail: J.D.Pearson@NIH.GOV) or LaRoy Penix (fax: (301) 295-0863).

NIH Fellows Committee

Name            Degree	Institute

Jay Pearson Ph.D. NIA (Co-Chair) LaRoy Penix M.D. NINDS (Co-Chair)

Rose Aurigemma Ph.D. NCI-FCRDF Carolyn Bouma Ph.D. NIDR Allen Braun M.D. NIDCD Don Button Ph.D. NIMH Edward Cupler M.D. NINDS Charles Chu Ph.D. NIAID Michelle Evans M.D. NIA Jean Fraser M.D. NIMH Susan Fueshko Ph.D. NINDS Scott Hall M.D. NIAAA David Hawver M.D. NIMH Chris Hussussian M.D. NCHGR Sari Izenwasser Ph.D. NIDA Samir Khlief M.D. NCI-DCE Tom Kristie Ph.D. NIAID Nancy Leidy Ph.D. NINR Stu Levine M.D. CC Patti Lodi Ph.D. NIDDK Kathryn Munoz Ph.D. NCI-DCPC Linda Nebeling Ph.D. NCI-DCPC Jose Pando M.D. NIAMS Kathy Partin Ph.D. NICHD Ronald Petralia Ph.D. NIDCD> Jill Ray Ph.D. NCI-DCBDC Tom Selvaggi M.D. NIAID David Sulciner M.D. NHLBI Richard Nelson M.D. NIDA Chris Walton M.D. NEI Stephen Wiener M.D. NHLB Awa Wu M.D. NIDR Tong Wu M.D. CC

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