Electronic Swap Meet Up and Running

Amid all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, intramural scientists may have overlooked one goody tucked away in NIH's maze of online resources. The Research Materials Exchange Bulletin Board sprang to life Dec. 16 in the "Intramural Research News" section of the "NIH Campus Info" menu. It appears that intramural researchers are more eager to give than to receive, with about twice as many offering extra supplies or equipment as those seeking research material.

Items listed under the "available" category varied widely, ranging from legal-size hanging folders to a Beckman LS2800 scintillation counter and an LKB 1275 Minigamma counter. Topping the "in search of category" was a request for a microwave that has not been used for ethidium bromide, along with an urgent plea for a loan of an optical disk drive.

To post an available or sought item, send a one-sentence description of the material, your name, campus address, campus phone and/or e-mail to Mike Lenardo (e-mail: Lenardo@nih.gov or fax: 402-8530).

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