As of early January, more than 2,000 intramural scientists still hadn't gotten around to registering for a new HIV/AIDS training program that is mandated by the President.

The streamlined course, which only lasts an hour, is specifically designed for researchers who already have extensive background on the transmission of HIV. Mimi Kravetz of the Division of Workforce Development says that when the HIV/AIDS training program was initiated in March 1994, both scientists and support staff were required to attend a 2 1/2 hour course.

However, a special, shorter curriculum was developed for researchers after complaints that the longer course covered much information that most biomedical scientists already know. "This new course was done for them (intramural researchers) at their request," Kravetz says.

The scientist-oriented course focuses primarily on "policy-type" information, with special attention being paid to the regulatory and supervisory aspects of dealing with HIV/AIDS issues in the workplace, Kravetz says. In addition to listening to presentations, participants receive informational brochures to take back to their labs and offices.

Although training on HIV/AIDS in the workplace is presidentially mandated, Kravetz says no specific penalties have been set forth for federal workers who refuse to take part. At NIH, penalties for failing to attend the HIV/AIDS training program are established by each Institute, Kravetz says. Plans are not yet established on whether researchers will be required to undergo yearly refresher courses.

The new--and possibly final--sessions will be held in Lipsett Auditorium, Building 10, on Feb. 6, 13, 21, 23 and 27; and March 13 and 20. Participants must sign up for the course in advance and have a confirmed reservation. The $10 cost of the course will be covered by each researcher's ICD.

Registration information is available through Mimi Kravetz, Division of Workforce Development, phone 402-3392; administrative offices; or HIV/AIDS training coordinators.

HIV/AIDS Training Coordinators

ICD Name Bldg/Rm Phone --- Fax
CC Stacey Bauman 10/1N252 6-1618---2-3601
DCRT Stacy Vandor 12A/3031 6-6951---2-0007
DRG Carol Striker WW/438 4-7279---4-7384
FIC Sharon Nieberding 31/B2C29 6-4625---2-1135
NCHGR Deirdre Davis 31/3B31 2-4833---2-4831
NCI OD/Dee Brieske EPS/550 2-4628---2-2188
NCI/DCE Claudette Amoyt 31/11A11 6-6556---6-1297
NCI DCT Andrea Gabossy 31/3A44 6-5964---6-0826
NCI DEA Jean Arwood EPN/16 6-7867---6-7911
NCI DCBDC Mary Stinson 31/3A11 6-3381---2-0612
NCI DCPC Adjoa Greenridge 31/10A50 6-9606---6-9931
NCI OD/OLCA Debbie Pierce 31/11A33 6-5801---6-6005
NCI OD/OPOP Terri Lyles 31/11A34 6-6002---6-6005
ADO, and OCC
NCRR Sonia Gaskin 12A/4055 6-1989---2-1774
NEI Barbara DiSimone 31/6A18 6-4274---6-3958
NHLBI Ruth Fritz 31/5A10 6-3245---2-4131
NIA Beth Susan Haas 31/2C02 6-5347---2-3442
NIA Balt Terri Neibuhr GRC 410 558-8116
410 558-8322
NIAAA Barbara Lindstadt Wilco 406 3-0281---3-6076
NIAID Michael Crumley 31/7A04 6-1521---6-7838
NIAMS Karen Garrett 31/4C21 6-0436---2-4948
NICHD Sherrie Davis 31/2A25 6-3365---6-4757
NIDA Balt. Lena Eads ARC 410 550-1509
410 550-2745
NIDCD Chris Clements 31/3c11 2-0508---2-1591

ICD Name Bldg/Rm Phone --- Fax
NIDA Pkln Maryann Pafitis Pkln 10 21 3-9593---3-9127
NIDCD Diane Foltin 31/9A30 6-4231---6-3951
NIDR Faye Harbrant 31/2C23 6-6971---2-4088
NIEHS Jennifer Anderson 101 919 541-2361
919 541-3026
NIGMS Kellee Miller 45/3A5 13 4-2749---4-7730
NIMH Pkln Margot Darby Pkln 7C15 3-9094---3-1401
NIMH IRP Carloyn Nichols 10/4C101 6-5337---2-0858
NINDS Marjorie Kuhn 31/8A23 6-6334---2-2818
NINR Debra Minor 31/5B03 2-2631---0-4969
NLM Marilyn Chaikin 38/2N05 6-3661---0-4971
OD OA Brenda Keagan 1/331 6-2511---2-1229
ORMH Chris Spates 1/258 2-2515---2-0420
OIR Eugenie Lackey 1/331 2-4166---2-0027
ORWH Terri Kendrix 1/213 2-1770---2-1798
OEO Evadne Hammett 31/2B40 6-6301---2-0994
ODP Pam Clatterbuck FED/618 2-2900---0-5158
OTT Carmen Holmes 6011 Exec./ 6-7736---2-0220 Blvd., 325
OER Alice Murphy 1/158 6-1413---6 0232
OAR Darlene Blocker 31/4B62 2 -357---2 3360
OSPTT Edie Smith 1/332 6-0842---2-1759
OC Judy Fouche 1/344 6-5548---6 0017
DFM Kathy Adams 1/B122 6-9370---0-1850
OFM Cherraceitta Taylor 31/B1C12 6-9498---2-0368
DP Irene Douglas EPS/850 6-9355---2-2144
OHRM Sharon Mathsen 1/B160 6-2424---2-0345
DCG Merle Tigert 6100 Exec. / 6-6431---6-8018
Blvd., 6D01A
DL Melissa McKerrow EPS/750 6-0158---2-0577
OMA Debra Jenkins 31/1B03 6-1873---2-0548
ORS Carrie Tyrus 31/2B13 2-1528---2-1057

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