1. After Sequencing the Human Genome, It Will Take 'Geek-fests' the World Over to Interpret it—Enter Project ENCODE

    2. Aiming for the Calm After the Storm: Yoga at the CRC

      3. Guest Editorial: NIH Responds to Hurricane Katrina

      4. Stopgap Prohibitions Eased in Final NIH Ethics Rules; Ban on Outside Consulting for Industry Unchanged

    Conflict-of-Interest Regulations for NIH Employees Finalized: The Changes

    Assembly of Scientists Welcomes Revisions in Rules

    5. If It's August, It Must Be Poster Day: AMD, Obesity, Diabetes

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    7. Announcements

        Hispanic Heritage
        NIH History Day
        Nanotechnology Seminar Series
        Neural Cell Function Interest Group
        Principles and Practice of Clinical Research
        Demystifying Medicine
        Spirituality and Health
        FAES Late Registration
        Town Hall Meeting: TCB
        NCCAM Seeks Mentors for New Fellowship Program
        Hot Off the CyberPress
        On the NIMH MAP: Manji Named Director

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