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Interest Group Gazette

The air is filled with the scent
of spring and the anticipation
of summerand several new interest groups have sprouted since our Nov.-Dec. issue.

First, the Chemistry Interest Group is up and running with a home page at <http://chem.info.nih.gov/chemig>which provides meeting time and place. Contacts are Ken Kirk, NIDDK (496-2619; e-mail: <kennethk@bdg8.niddk.-nih.gov>);
Ken Jacobson, NIDDK (496-9024; e-mail: <kajacobs@helix.nih.-gov>); and
John Schwab, NIGMS (594-5560,e-mail: <schwabj@gml.nigms.-nih.gov>).

Chromatin and Chromosomes Interest Group

Meeting time: 11:00 a.m.
Meeting place: Bldg. 32 Conf. Rm.
Contact: David Clark, NIDDK, 496-6966
fax: 496-5239
e-mail: <djclark@helix.nih.gov>

The group meets every other Thursday, with two speakers, usually from different groups on campus, each time. Its scope now includes nuclear structure and transport. May meetings featured Misha Grigoriev, speaking on "A histone octamer acts as a reflective barrier for spontaneous DNA branch migration," and Vasily Studitsky, speaking on "Transcription Through the Nucleosome: Eukaryotic Polymerases," followed by Adam Bell, speaking on "Identification of the Minimal Sequences of the Chicken ß-globin Insulator," and Toshi Tsukiyama: "Characterization of Yeast NURF-like Factors"

Head and Neck Biology Interest Group

Meeting time: 3:30 p.m.
Meeting place: Bldg. 10, Rm. 9C401
Contact: Frank Ondrey, 435-2072
fax: 402-1140
e-mail: <fondrey@pop.nidcd.nih.gov>

This group meets on the second Monday of every other month and will have presentations by members and local guests aimed at both clinical research and basic science. On April's agenda were talks on gene therapy to increase salivary gland saliva production and on the use of vegetable oil preparations as atomized topical agents for the same purpose.

Viral Hepatitis Interest Group

The group held its first monthly meeting April 21 and was scheduled to meet May 19, June 16, and July 14 (the third Monday of the month, generally, except for July). The group anticipates hearing informal presentations from member labs on current research.

Meeting time: 3:30 p.m.
Meeting place: Bldg. 10, Rm. 1C726 (Transfusion Medicine Conference Room)
Contact: T. Jake Liang, 496-1721
fax: 402-0491
e-mail: <jliang@nih.gov>

Interinstitute Bioethics Interest Group

An organizational meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 10, 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. in Building 45 (Natcher), G 1 and 2. Contact Miriam Kelty, NIA, at 496-9322 for more information (e-mail at <mk46u@nih.gov>).

Biotechnology Interest Group

The newly formed BTIG held an organizational meeting in late April. Its purpose is to disseminate information to aid scientists in their interactions with the biotechnology industry. Areas to be addressed include but are not limited to technology transfer, biotechnology start-ups, financing/funding, industry collaborations, the relationships among biotechnology and academics, career options, patents and licensing, and emerging technologies. All interested parties are encouraged to participate. Contact Dan Sullivan at <dsul@helix.nih.gov>.

Breast Biology Interest Group (BBIG)

Due to the May holiday, the June breast conference, and vacation schedules in July and August, the next BBIG meeting will be in September.

What's in a Name?

It was once called Youth and Family Development, but now it's the Human Development Across the Life-Span Group. Members' interests include such topics as behavioral problems in children, fatherhood, child sexual abuse, and teenage pregnancy. Contact Kim Roberts at <roberts@ssed.nichd.-nih.gov> or Kim Kendziora, e-mail coordinator, at <kimk@helix.nih.gov>.

Bev Stuart

Electronic Etceteras and Essentials . . .

Thanks to The Catalyst's visiting postdoc, David Ehrenstein (on a detail from NIDCD), Wednesday Afternoon Lectures (WALs) now has a home on the web. The site includes links to some speakers' lab home pages so audience members can preview the research of this spring's speakers. Coming soon to the page: an exciting lineup of speakers for the fall WALs. The URL for the page is: <http://www1.od.nih.gov/wals/index.html> Recycle that Research Equipment! Staff at NCRR have now made a new, improved, web version of Mike Lenardo's listing of available equipment, reagents, and other sundry items that are either sought by scientists or being made available by scientists. We'll have more on this in our next issue, but you might want to beta-test the page now by pointing your browser to <http://www.ncrr.nih.gov/sharedbc/sharetop.htm >

Looking for back issues of The NIH Catalyst? The electronic version of this newsletter is quite a bit behind the print version, but old issues can be obtained at the Catalyst web site: <http://www.nih.gov/news/irnews/catalyst/>. If you are having trouble getting your print version of this newsletter, send an e-mail message to Beverly Stuart at <bs48k@nih.gov> requesting an address fix.

Guidelines for the Conduct of Research, NIH's slim and popular brochure on the dos and don'ts of appropriate behavior and collegiality, has been revised and is now being reprinted. Hard copies will be available from Audrey Boyle (Bldg. 1, room 114) by June. For now, turn to the recently posted web version of the revised document:


For Biology Buffs

Interested in the Biologists Forum? Call Klara Post, NICHD, at 496-5538.

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