Say "Hi" to The Science Guy

Bill Nye the Science Guy, who hosts a popular children's television program on PBS, will be meeting with NIH's own science guys, gals, and kids on March 26 at 6:30 p.m. in Natcher Auditorium. As part of his ongoing effort to get the American public more excited about the scientific process, Nye has expressed interest in doing more TV segments on the biomedical sciences.

"If we don't have a scientifically literate society, this is a formula for disaster," Nye says. Before the March 26 program, Irene Eckstrand, director of the Office of Science Education, hopes to introduce Nye to some intramural scientists and show him some interesting research projects on NIH's Bethesda campus. For more information on Nye's talk, which is open to the public, contact the Office of Science Education (phone: 402-2469).

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