Catalytic Reactions

In this issue, we are asking for your reactions in four areas: staff scientists, Just Ask, Hot Methods Clinic, and alternative medicine. Send your responses on these topics or comments on other intramural research concerns to us via e-mail:; fax: 402-4303; or mail: Building 1, Room 334.

1) In our next issue, we plan to publish NIH's new policy defining the role of staff scientists, including facility heads. What have been your experiences working with or being a staff scientist at NIH? How would you like to see policy on these positions evolve?

2) In our new "Just Ask" column, we hope to dig out solutions to quandaries about how to get things done in the intramural research program. What questions or problems would you like to see addressed in future columns?

3) What suggestions or questions do you have about the Drosophila metastasis model featured in this issue's Hot Methods Clinic? What suggestions do you have for alternative techniques to avoid the use of radioisotopes?

4) We are working on an article about recent leadership changes at the Office of Alternative Medicine and its new intramural research initiative. How would you assess the general quality of research being done in the field? Do you think there is a role for alternative-medicine research in your institute, center, or division? Why or why not?

In Future Issues. . .

  • Defining the Role Of Staff Scientists
  • Nerve Growth: Acclerators And Brakes
  • Alternative Medicine Goes Intramural
  • Wildlife in the Lab: What Are the Rules?


The NIH Catalyst is published bi-monthly for and by the intramural scientists at NIH. Address correspondence to Building 1, Room 334, NIH, Bethesda, MD 20892. Ph: (301) 402-1449; e-mail:

Michael Gottesman
Deputy Director for Intramural Research, OD

Lance Liotta
Chief, Laboratory of Pathology, NCI

John I. Gallin,
Director, Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center, and Associate Director for Clinical Research

Celia Hooper

Rebecca Kolberg

Cynthia Allen

Lorna Heartley

Jorge Carrasquillo, CC
David Davies, NIDDK
Michael Fordis, OD, OE
Hynda Kleinman, NIDR
Elise Kohn, NCI
Susan Leitman, CC
Bernard Moss, NIAID
David Rodbard, DCRT
Michael Rogawski, NINDS
Joan Schwartz, NINDS
Gisela Storz, NICHD

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