Office of Education at a Glance

Michael Fordis
Contact: Director Michael Fordis

Phone: 496-2427

Location: Building 10, Room1C125

Resources: In addition to distributing information on training opportunities and fellowship funding in the intramural program, the Office of Education-soon to become the Division of Intramural Training within the Office of Science Education-serves as the main institutional source of guidance and counseling for fellows once they arrive at NIH. It provides logistical support to the NIH Fellows Committee and, in conjunction with that committee, has created a new "NIH Fellows Handbook" which should be published this winter. Also available is information on a variety of topics, including NIH's tenure-track policy, loan-repayment programs, and post-NIH employment restrictions that relate to intellectual property and conflict of interest. The office maintains a job-opportunity binder, but has discontinued its EMPLOY job bank on the NIH-EDNET because of the lack of employer response and the difficulty that many fellows had in accessing that database. Now, the office is working on organizing career-development workshops and a project to put fellows' résumés in a new "job seekers" section on The Community of Science Web Server-a database designed to help individuals and employers locate researchers with the interest and expertise they desire. Currently, more than 40,000 scientists are listed at that site, which can be reached on the World Wide Web at this Uniform Resource Locator (URL):

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