Grant-Writing Workshop: Better Late than Never

Contrary to some rumors that have been swirling around the NIH community, NIGMS's grant-writing workshop has not been canceled-just moved back to its customary April time slot. Last fiscal year, NIGMS decided to try holding the workshop in the fall (the fall of 1994), but attendance was much poorer than when the event was held in the spring. So, this fiscal year, the all-day event, officially titled "Grant Workshop: Extramural Programs and Grant Support," will be held on April 22 in the Natcher Building. "Anyone can enroll. There is a lot of information that is particularly directed at staff fellows who anticipate leaving NIH soon and setting up their own labs," says Paul Wolfe, program director in the Division of Genetics and Developmental Biology at NIGMS. The seminar provides a general overview of the extramural grant process along with perspectives from extramural grant administrators and from outside scientists who serve on study sections. Among the most popular features of the workshop is the afternoon "breakout" session, in which participants can have their questions answered "one-on-one," Wolfe says. For more information on the free workshop, contact NIGMS's Doris Smith (phone: 594-0943).

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