In this issue, we are asking for your reactions in four areas: Clinical Center design, a new advice column, Hot Methods, and radiation safety measures. Send your responses on these topics or comments on other intramural research concerns to us via e-mail:; fax: 402-4303; or mail: Building 1, Room 334.

1) Designers of the new Clinical Center are seeking community input on the possibility of including some commercial establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, and stores. Do you support commercial development on campus? If so, what sort of businesses would you like to see?

2) The NIH Catalyst is planning a new "Just Ask" column in which we will try to answer questions and solve problems that stand in the way of the efficient conduct of intramural research. If you are having trouble tracking down collaborators or otherwise navigating the NIH bureaucracy, send your questions in now.

3) Our Hot Methods Clinic will return next issue. What suggestions or comments do you have about techniques featured in past issues? What methods would like to see covered in the future?

4) What specific suggestions do you have on how the security of radioactive materials can be improved without compromising the quality and efficiency of research?
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