Seeking Postdocs? Consider PRAT

Laboratories interested in recruiting a postdoc with pharmacological or related research skills should be aware that the deadline for NIGMS's Pharmacology Research Associate (PRAT) program is Jan. 1. Projects by PRAT fellows may be in the areas of signal transduction, drug metabolism, immunopharmacology, chemistry and drug design, structural biology, endocrinology, neuroscience, and clinical pharmacology, for example. During their two-year appointments, funded by NIGMS, fellows receive competitive salaries, supplies, and travel funds to support research in their preceptors' labs. Postdocs who hope to obtain PRAT funding should apply together with a preceptor before coming to NIH, even if they plan to come earlier through other funding arrangements. Only U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible. Any tenured NIH scientist may identify a PRAT candidate and apply to become a PRAT preceptor. To receive a 1995-96 PRAT Fact Sheet, contact the PRAT program assistant (phone: 594-3583; e-mail:

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