In this issue, we are asking for your reactions in four areas: collaboration, authorship, the Central Tenure Committee, and ethnic diversity. Send your responses on these topics or comments on other intramural research concerns to us via e-mail: catalyst@od1em1.od.; fax: 402-4303; or mail: Building 1, Room 334.

1) What has been your experience with intramural collaborations? What suggestions do you have for enhancing the collaborative atmosphere within NIH?

2) Do you think the intramural program's guidelines for authorship and ownership are realistic? In what ways could the handling of such issues be improved?

3) Has the 1-year-old Central Tenure Committee improved the way tenure is granted at NIH? Why or why not?

4) We are planning a group of articles on ethnic diversity at NIH. What issues should be addressed in such articles? What suggestions do you have for helping foreign scientists adapt to U.S. scientific culture and for helping U.S. scientists gain a better understanding of their foreign colleagues?

Table of Contents