NIH Catalyst

July - August 1995


Table of Contents

  1. The Once and Future Gallo
  2. Intramural Collaboration
  3. NIH: The Shape of Things to Come, Part II
  4. Catalytic Reactions
  5. Hot Methods Clinic
  6. Quick Access
  7. Corrections
  8. Authorship and Ownership: What are the Ground Rules?
  9. Mini-Med School: Maxi Benefits
  10. Electronic Scientific Journals: Are We There Yet?
  11. O -GLCNACYLATION and PHOSPHORYLATION Reciprocity on Nuclear and Cytoskeletal Proteins
  12. Novel N -Linked Glycans in CHO Mutants Point to Role in Development
  13. Interinstitute Interest Group Directory
  14. Recently Tenured
  15. Research Grapevine
  16. NIH Fellows Symposium
  17. Defusing Terrorism: Bomb Precautions for Scientists
  18. People With Disabilities Are Not Forgotten
  19. Research Festival Reminder
  20. Catalytic Reactions
  21. In Future Issues. . .
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