First NIH Fellows Symposium

This is turning out to be a year of firsts for the NIH Fellows Committee -- the first competition for the NIH Fellows Award for Research Excellence, the first sponsorship of speakers at NIH's Wednesday Afternoon Lectures, and now the first opportunity to organize an all-day symposium for the entire NIH community. Scheduled for Oct. 12 at Natcher Auditorium, the inaugural NIH Postdoctoral and Clinical Fellows Symposium will emphasize the latest developments in molecular biology, especially those advances that contribute to an understanding of the etiology of major diseases. Nationally recognized scientists from a diverse range of biological disciplines have been invited to speak at the sessions, which will be chaired by fellows. The complete list of speakers and the titles of their talks is still being finalized. The NIH Fellows Committee, which represents the 2,000 fellows at NIH, was formed to foster communication among fellows, promote fellows' education and career development, and serve as a liaison for fellows to the NIH administration.

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