In this issue, we are asking for your feedback in four areas: the future of NIH's physical environment, technology transfer, tips and suggestions for our Hot Methods Clinic, and intramural research outside Bethesda. Fax your responses or comments on other intramural research concerns to 402-4303 or mail them to us at Building 1, Room 334.

1) What are your reactions to the "Shape of Things to Come" commentary? What specific suggestions do you have for improving NIH's physical environment over the next 20 years?

2) From a scientist's perspective, what do you view as the most critical issues in technology transfer at NIH? What changes might make the tech-transfer process easier for and more attractive to scientists?

3) Do you have any suggestions or comments about the NIH Scientific Poster Conference Page on the World Wide Web proposed in this issue's Hot Methods Clinic? What updates can you provide on previous Hot Methods? What techniques would you like to see covered in future issues?

4) We are planning a series of articles on intramural research programs located outside Bethesda. What programs and issues would you like to see covered in such articles? What steps should be taken to improve the flow of scientific information between Bethesda and outlying campuses?

Table of Contents