In this issue, we are asking for your feedback in four areas: equal employment opportunity initiatives, scientific computing, tips and suggestions for our Hot Methods Clinic, and frequently cited scientists. Fax your responses or comments on other intramural research concerns to 402-4303 or mail them to us at Building 1, Room 334.
  1. Do you have any specific suggestions for implementation of the Affirmative Action Plan at your particular institute, center, or division? What strategies do you suggest for recruitment?

  2. What is your response to the "Scientific Cybernauts" articles? What other topics would you like to see addressed about applications of computer technology in biomedical science?

  3. Do you have any suggestions or comments about the FISH techniques featured in this issue's Hot Methods Clinic? What updates can you provide on previous Hot Methods? What techniques would you like to see covered in future issues?

  4. In a future issue, we would like to conduct interviews with several of NIH's most-cited intramural research scientists about their seminal papers and the ensuing scientific reaction. Who should be interviewed? What questions would you like us to ask?

Table of Contents