Wedded Words of Wisdom

Despite their general satisfaction with their careers and their marriages, intramural research couples say there's no single formula for happiness to pass along to newlywed scientists or to those who are contemplating tying the knot. Here's a sampling of their advice and comments - some specific and some general, some serious and some light - to the next generation of research couples:
"Enjoy yourselves!"
- Ann Ginsberg and Marc Reitman, NIDDK.

"If you want to have children, do it early rather than later. It never gets easier, and it's too much fun to pass up."
- Robert Nussbaum, NCHGR.

"Be flexible. Keep talking."
- Jennifer Puck, NCHGR.

"See that there are many ways of getting to a satisfying career. Changes aren't always bad."
- Judith Rapoport, NIMH.

"Maintain separate mailing addresses! This might help them to score carpool stickers."
- Duncan Kirkby, NINDS.

"Be open and honest with each other. And both of you should expect to sacrifice for the good of the other once in a while."
- Bruce Bunnell, NCHGR.

"We have no advice, only `good luck' in an increasingly tough environment."
- Ronald and Gale Germain, NIAID and NIMH.

"Take the plunge! Being married to another scientist can help iron out the bumpy parts that you are bound to encounter in marriage."
- Michael Iadarola, NIDR.

"Mutual respect is essential."
- Earl Stadtman, NHLBI.

Intramural Bliss? Reflections on Mixing Science with Marriage

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