Eligible: Civil-service physicians, GS-15 level and below, who are proposed by their institute, center, or division directors. They must regularly see patients and provide direct patient care or services related to such care, such as radiology or pathology.

Ineligible: Physicians who primarily perform basic research or develop drugs and devices. Physicians for whom the Assistant Secretary for Health has determined there is no significant recruitment or retention problem. Physicians employed through the Commissioned Corps, SES (or other senior-level systems), or Title 42 (Staff Fellows, Special Experts). Physicians receiving Physicians Comparability Allowances (PCA). Re-employed annuitants, dentists, veterinarians, interns, residents, and part-timers working fewer than 20 hours per pay period.

Calculating Physician-Specialty Pay (PSP):On top of normal GS-13, GS-14, or GS-15 clinical physician pay, PSP adds the following amounts:

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