Office of Equal Opportunity at a Glance

Complaints Management and Adjudication Branch

Chief: Linda Morris
Phone: 496-1551
Location: Building 31, Room 2B47
Resources: This branch counsels employees who believe they may be the targets of discrimination or sexual harassment and handles actual complaints. Any NIH employee can file a complaint directly with OEO without going through his or her institute, center, or division (ICD). However, OEO urges employees to first try to settle such matters with their supervisors. If that doesn't work, an employee should proceed to the equal employment opportunity (EEO) officer in his or her own ICD. If the matter still isn't resolved, the employee should, as a last resort, contact OEO. A helpful EEO fact sheet is available upon request. The branch can also provide information to NIH supervisors who have been accused of discrimination or harassment.

Affirmative Employment and Programs Branch

Chief: Joan Brogan
Phone: 402-3663
Location: Building 31, Room 2B40
Resources: This branch provides a wide range of advisory and evaluation services. General feedback and concerns about the affirmative action plan, as well as other OEO policies and procedures, should be directed here. Employees can obtain literature on issues and programs of particular interest to various gender, race, and ethnic groups.
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