In this issue we are asking for your feedback in four areas: improving mentorship and career development at NIH; opinions on ethical conflicts facing NIH scientsts, tips and suggestions for our Hot Methods Clinic; and clinical research at NIH. Fax your responses to 402-4303 or mail it to us at Building 1, Room 334.

1) Attention Postdocs: Is it true that posdocs feel that they are floundering at NIH? How could we improve the mentorship at NIH?

2) The NIH Catalyst is considering starting a new column called "Science Ethics Forum" for the discussion of critial issues in the conduct of research. What do you perceive as the most problematic ethical area for NIH scientists? What issues would you like to see discussed?

3) Do you have any tips or comments about the Phage Display and Epitope Libraries featured in this issue's Hot Methods Clinic? Do you have any tips for our next Hot Methods Clinic feature on fluorescent in situ hybrdization (FISH)? What techniques would you like to see covered in future issues? What problems have you had with hot methods described in previous issues?

4) What suggestions do you have for revitalizing the Clinical Center and maintaining the quality of clinical research at NIH? How can NIH expedite the translation of basic science into innovative clinical research? What suggestions do you have for making the Clinical Center a more attractive environment for trainees?

5) Can you provide additional insights or experiences with scientific journals that could help other researchers in the art of publishing?