Acting DDIR's Electronic Bulletin Board: Essential News Now!

Many scientists still don't know where to get the latest information emanating from Building 1 -- critical news on changes in radiation safety policy, recycling, disposal of medical-pathological waste, space allocation, review of the intramural research programs, new tenure-track positions, and even what OSHA says we can and cannot store in the corridors. Turn on (your computer)! Tune in (to the Bulletin Board)! Print out (a copy for your lab)! To access the DDIR's Electronic Bulletin Board, click on Gopher's NIH Campus Info menu, then select the Bulletin Board from the Intramural Research News menu. If you do not currently have access to Gopher, contact your local area network (LAN) administrator and have him or her walk you through procedures to down-load the programs needed to tie into this useful service. The Bulletin Board is also available through Mosaic.