Cell Cycle Research Interest Group

A Cell Cycle Research Interest Group is being formed to bring together NIH scientists working in this rapidly expanding and exciting area of science. The group plans to invite distinguished speakers from outside NIH, hold seminars on cell cycle research at currently being conducted NIH, and establish biannual poster afternoons to encourage maximum interaction among scientists at NIH and outside. We hope these events will accelerate the dissemination of knowledge, technologies, and co-operation among scientists working in this area. For more information, call Patrick O'Connor, NCI, at 496-3369.

NIH Neuroendocrine Immunology Research Interface Study Group Proposed

An NIH-wide neuroendocrine immunology study group is being formed to bring together NIH scientists working on the interdisciplinary areas of psychiatry, neuroendocrinology, endocrinology, rheumatology, and infectious diseases. The goal is to bring about cross-fertilization of ideas, development of collaborations, sharing of information, and joint development of new techniques. The group plans to hold a monthly journal club and research seminar series. If you are interested in joining the club or would like to attend its seminars, fax your request to Esther Sternberg, NIMH, at 402-1561.