In this issue we ask for feedback in four areas: the Minority Task Force' report; the NIH grant-writing tips; suggestions for our Hot Methods Clinic; and what constitutes a well-run lab. Fax your responses to 402-4303 or mail it to us at Building 1, Room 134.

1) What comments do you have on the Minority Task Force report, and what suggestions would you make as NIH moves to implement the report's recommendations?

2) Do you have any tips or comments on 5' RACE, featured in this issue's Hot Methods Clinic? Do you have any tips for our next Hot Methods Clinic feature, Phage Display and Epitope Libraries. What techniques would you like to see covered in future issues?

3) What are your worst experiences with crowded lab conditions; what are the ingredients of a well-run NIH lab? Which is the best-run lab on campus?

4) Specifically, for NIH fellows. Have you had difficulties gaining access to computer and network services at NIH? If so, what were your problems?

5) NIH is reviewing technology transfer policies. In attmpting to establish CRADAs or other collaborations with private companies, have you experienced any problems attributable to the reasonable pricing clause? Please provide details (on a separate sheet, if necessary).