In this issue we are asking for your feedback in four areas: the External Advisory Committee's report on the intramural program; improving intramural scientist'

s knowledge of the NIH grants process; the Hot Methods Clinic; and improving mentorshop at NIH. Fax your responses to 402-4303 or mail it to us at Building 1, Room 134.

1) What comments do you have on the External Advisory Committee's report on the Intramural Research Program and what suggestions would you make as the NIH leadership moves implementing the report's recommendations?

2) Are extramural scientists correct in surmising that intramural scientists are ill-prepared for research life in the outside world? How can intramural scientists increase their knowledge about the NIH extramural grant process and better prepare themselves for the extramural world?

3) Do you have any suggestions or comments about the in-situ PCR featured in this issue's Hot Methods Clinic? Can you provide any tips for our next Hot Methods Clinic feature: 5'-RACE: a technique for extending a cDNA in 5' directions?. What techniques would you like to see covered in future issues?

4) In our next issue we plan to discuss mentoring and career development of young scientists at NIH. What have been your experiences with mentoring? What suggestions do you have to improve mentoring and education of young scientists?