page 1 (lead feature): ProtoType Ready for PrimeTime

    page 1: Copyrighting Right — How to avoid common copyright violations in scientific presentations and on the Web

    page 2: From the DDIR — Improving the Intramural Environment for Women Scientists

    page 4: FelCom — Job Fair and Career Development

    page 5: Making the Rounds at the FDA

    page 5: Demystifying Medicine, 2009 Schedule

    page 6–7: Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series 2008–2009

    page 10–11: Learning from Sharks — Identifying Natural Anticancer Products Found in the Body

    page 12–13: A Peek Inside Building 33

    page 14: Recently Tenured

    page 15: Back with the NIH Crew — an Olympian Returns

    page 16: On Tenure Track

    page 18: NIH Director's Challenge Award Program — FY2008 Winners, FY 2009 Call for Applications

    page 19: The SIG Beat — News from and about the NIH Scientific Interest Groups

    page 19: Anita B. Roberts Lecture; Behavioral and Social Scientists Unite

    page 20: NIH Director's Seminar Series, 2009-2009 Schedule


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