page 1 (lead feature): Translating Translational Research

    page 1: NIA Is Sending TNF-α Inhibitors Where They Are Needed The Most — The Brain

    page 2: From the DDIR — Progress on New Trans-NIH Science

    page 3: Commentary — Lessons Learned from a Stolen Laptop and Protected Health Information

    page 3 (sidebar): Protecting Privacy — The Cost of Identity Theft

    page 4: The Exit Interview — Questions For (Former!) NHGRI Director Francis Collins

    page 6: OITE — Job Applications, Made Easy

    page 6: FelCom — Essential Knowledge of Animal Research Policies for Fellows – An Online Resource, in Plain English

    page 7: Intel Science Winner Has NIH Roots

    page 7: The 2008 Pioneer Awards

    page 12: Scientific Interest Group Directory, Annual Update

    page 16: Recently Tenured

    page 19: On Tenure Track

    page 19: NIH Research a Strong Presence at 2008 APA Meeting

    page 20: Back Page Announcements


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