1. Three Years and Growing: Stem Cell Facility Eager to Share Its Expertise

      2. Biophotonics: The New "Age of Enlightenment"

      Optical Imaging Advantages at a Glance

      3. From the DDIR: Building Bridges to Scientific Independence

      4. New Faces in the OIR

      This Guy Might Come Knocking: Director of Communications Christopher Wanjek

      She Hopes to See Thousands of You: Director of Intramural Training and Education Sharon Milgram

      5. NIEHS Launching an Outpatient Clinical Research Unit—with Visions of an Inpatient Facility on the Horizon

      CRU Research on the Drawing Boards

      6. Another Step in the Strategic Plan for NIH Obesity Research: CC's Metabolic Clinical Research Unit Makes Its Debut

    7. Recently Tenured

    8. Honors and Awards, Conferences and Catalytic Opportunities

    On the Right Wavelengths:Science and Discover Cite Achievements by NIH Researchers

    NCI Symposium on Chromosome Biology

    Reminder: NIH-Duke Application Deadline

    Pain, Opioids, and Addiction

    Calling All FARE Fellows: Abstracts and Awards

    The Catalyst Needs . . .

    9. Kids' Catalyst: Viscosity Ferocity: Flow in the Kitchen

      10. Whither "The Directors"?

        In Future Issues...

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