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Outpatient Transplant Protocol



Once the construction of the fence surrounding the NIH Bethesda campus is complete and the entrances fully operational, there will be a total of eight vehicle/pedestrian access gates and nine stand-alone pedestrian access gates.

All vehicle access gates will have a security guard, with pedestrian access available during business hours. The other nine pedestrian gates will be accessed electronically. Equipped with an electronic security system, expected to be in place before the summer, the pedestrian portals will allow NIH employees entry "just by waving their NIH ID badge in front of a card reader," says Arturo Giron, associate director for security and emergency response.

For added security, the pedestrian-only portals actually require two successive ID checks—first in front of the gate and then in front of an entryway to the campus.

For more information on the perimeter fence and its access gates, contact David Chung, Physical Security Management, at 301-496-6893.


Vehicle and Pedestrian Entrances

On Old Georgetown Road:

South Drive

Lincoln Drive (vehicle exit only)

Center Drive

On Cedar Lane:

West Drive

(Patient/Patient Visitor vehicles only.

Open to employees for pedestrian access)

On Rockville Pike:

North Drive

Wilson Drive

South Drive

Center Drive

Pedestrian-Only Entrances

On Cedar Lane:

West Drive

Garden Drive

On Old Georgetown Road:

South Drive

Northeast corner between Center Drive

and Cedar Lane

Lincoln Drive (Just south of)

South End of Campus:

Near Building 14 Trailers

Between 41 lots and MLP-7

Rockville Pike:

Two entrances, one on each side of the

planned Visitor’s Center near the

South Drive entrance (Metro)


The NIH Catalyst is published bi-monthly for and by the intramural scientists at NIH. Address correspondence to Building 2, Room 2W23, NIH, Bethesda, MD 20892. Ph: (301) 402-1449; fax: (301) 402-4303; e-mail: <catalyst@nih.gov>.

Michael Gottesman
Deputy Director for Intramural Research, OD

John I. Gallin
Director, Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center,
and Associate Director for Clinical Research

Lance Liotta
Chief, Laboratory of Pathology, NCI


Celia Hooper

Fran Pollner

Shauna Roberts

Myrna Zelaya-Quesada



Jorge Carrasquillo, CC
David Davies, NIDDK
Dale Graham, CIT
Hynda Kleinman, NIDCR
Elise Kohn, NCI
Susan Leitman, CC
Bernard Moss, NIAID
Michael Rogawski, NINDS
Joan Schwartz, NINDS
Gisela Storz, NICHD


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