T H E   N I H    C A T A L Y S T      J U L Y  –  A U G U S T   2003


by Peter Kozel and Fran Pollner


The Clinical Center takes the cake: A July 9th party began a year of celebration that culminates in summer 2004 with the opening of the Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center.

A Proud Circle: (left to right) CC Director John Gallin, NIH Director Elias Zerhouni, and Deputy Director for Intramural Research Michael Gottesman are in fine humor before opening the festivities. During his talk later, Gottesman revealed to the world at large the kinds of items Gallin keeps in his office, including a walking hamburger, two windup Godzillas, an ambulatory purple dinosaur, two wind-up mice, a lounging frog and a hopping frog, two cool-dude raisins, and a walking nose. Why? Because Gallin exchanges toys with his pediatric patients when he goes on rounds—another way to care for them.

Institutional Memory: For more than 30 years, Harvey Alter (right) has been divining the nature of elusive infectious enemies from his post in the CC’s Department of Transfusion Medicine—and the world has witnessed the disappearance of post-transfusion hepatitis because of it. "I’ve enjoyed every moment," he said–that is, he added, until John Gallin (CC director, at left) asked him to reflect at this kickoff 50th-anniversary celebration. But Alter managed to get past his reluctance to take the stage by sprinkling his talk with bits of his tongue-in-cheek poetry—an ode to his then-arch nemesis that was neither hepatitis A nor hepatitis B, another to an old collegial rival, and a third—more recent and a bit more sentimental—to none other than the Clinical Center.
The Bad Business Blues Band: Beating back the rain for the CC celebration, David Rubinow (far right), NIMH clinical director, chief of the behavioral endocrinology section, lead (1963 Les Paul) guitar, and major warbler, with bandmates of 20+ years Richard Loewenstein on harmonica, Howard Feinstein on keyboard, Gary Gott on bass, and—sitting in for Rubinow’s wife, Carly—Thomas Lombardo on drums.






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