T H E   N I H    C A T A L Y S T      J U L Y  –  A U G U S T   2002



On May 8th, students doing research at 15 institutes and the Clinical Center presented 161 posters to the NIH community. OE’s Valerie McCaffrey was on hand to capture the occasion.

Nora Vasquez, University of Washington (Seattle), with her lab chief Harry Malech. Poster: "Enzymatic characterization of mouse eosinophil-associated ribonuclease 1" (preceptors: Helene Rosenberg and Kim Dyer, NIAID Laboratory of Host Defenses)
Ipsita Mukherjee, University of Maryland, College Park, with Karl Pfeifer, NICHD. Poster: "Determining the inheritance pattern of a knockout allele of the La antigen" (preceptor: Richard Maraia, NICHD Laboratory of Molecular Growth Regulation)
Emerito Amaro-Carambot, University of Puerto Rico, Humacao, with preceptor B. J. Fowlkes, NIAID Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Immunology. Poster: "The Role of notch in T-cell development: An in vivo experimental evaluation"
(left): Brent Elliott, George Mason University (Fairfax, VA), "Investigating the biochemical role of nicastrin in presenillin function in Dictyostelium discodeum (preceptor: Alan Kimmel, NIDDK Laboratory of Cellular and Developmental Biology); (right): Marc Braunstein, CUNY Brooklyn College, "Diagnosis of acute renal failure" (preceptor: Robert Star, NIDDK Metabolic Diseases Branch)
(left): Ekinadese Aburime, Clark Atlanta University, with Alfred Johnson, Office of Loan Repayment and Scholarship. Poster: "Potentiation of TGF-b effects on gene induction in fibroblasts by ionizing radiation" (preceptors: Anita Roberts and Kathleen Flanders, NCI Laboratory of Cell Regulation and Carcinogenesis)
(left to right): Joanne Moreau, New York University, "Differential expression of mouse ribonucleases in response to challenge with viral pathogens" (preceptor: Helene Rosenberg, NIAID Laboraory of Host Defenses); InHye Cho, a NIAID postbac; and Kisani Ogwaro, San Diego State University, "Defects in CD4+ T-cell-mediated B-cell help in HIV-infected patients" (preceptors: Susan Moir and Anthony Fauci, NIAID Laboratory of Immunoregulation)
(left to right): Debbie Cohen, OE, Kristen Stover, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, "Spectral karyotyping (SKY) of a panel of human cancer cell lines used in a drug-discovery screen by the National Cancer Institute" (preceptor: Ilan Kirsch, NCI Genetics Branch); and Jason Drury, Northwestern University (Evanston, IL), "Viral vector applications using a thymic stromal cell-type-specific promoter" (preceptor: Moon Kim, NIAID Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Immunology)
(left): Tiffany Adams, Virginia Union University, Richmond, "A cellular mechanism for the processing and sorting of proinsulin: implication for familial hyperinsulinemia (preceptors: Y. Peng Loh and Savita Dhanvantari, NICHD Laboratory of Developmental Neurobiology); (right): Noelia Rodriguez, University of Puerto Rico, Cayey, "Identification and characterization of an epidermal differentiation-specific gene" (preceptor: Maria Morasso, NIAMS Laboratory of Skin Biology)
(left to right): Andrea Hoberman, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY), "Performance on an affect identification task in children and adults" (done with Alison Merikangas, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh; preceptor: Daniel Pine, NIMH Mood and Anxiety Disorder Research Program); Guy Manetti, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, "Increased cerebrospinal fluid levelsof IL-1, IL-6, and IL-10 in patients with dementia of the Alzheimer’s type" (preceptors: Trey Sunderland and Nadeem Mirza, NIMH Geriatric Psychiatry Branch); and Thalia Margalit, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, "Behavioral response to affective stimuli by bipolar children" (preceptor: Ellen Leibenluft, NIMH Pediatric and Developmental Neuropsychiatry Branch)





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