T H E   N I H    C A T A L Y S T      M A R C H  –   A P R I L   2002



"Pretargeted Therapy of Epithelial Cancers with Radiolabeled Monoclonal Antibody B3" Ira Pastan, NCI; Jorge Carrasquillo, CC

"Gene Therapy for X-linked Severe Combined Immunodeficiency" Jennifer Puck, NHGRI; Harry Malech, NIAID

"Vasculogenesis Using Progenitor Cells" Arshed Quyyumi, NHLBI; Toren Finkel, NHLBI

"Evaluation of Therapeutic Reduction of Raised Elastase Levels by Reducing Neutrophil Numbers or by Direct Anti-elastase Treatment of the Acceleration of the Rate of Healing" Sharon Wahl, NIDCR; Annette Wysocki, NINR

"Gene Therapy for Chronic Cancer and Arthritic Pain" Michael Iadorola, NIDCR; Ray Dionne, NIDCR; J. Klippel, NIAMS

"Development of Novel Therapies for Sickle Cell Disease" Alan Schechter, NIDDK; Larry Keefer, NCI; Frederick Ognibene, CC

"Production of Clinical Grade ITXC to Perform Clinical Trials for Treartment of Muscle Spasm Disorders (e.g., Torticollis and Blepharospasm) at NIH" Richard Youle, NINDS; Mark Hallett, NINDS

"Study of the Effect of the Humanized Monoclonal Antibody Against the Interleukin-2 Receptor Alpha Subunit (Il-2Ra, Zenapax") on Inflammatory Activity in the Central Nervous System in Multiple Sclerosis in a Baseline-to-Treatment, Crossover, MRI-Controlled Single-Center, Phase I/II Trial" Roland Martin, NINDS; Henry McFarland, NINDS; Tom Waldmann, NCI


"Phase I Study of 5-aza-2’dexycytidine in Lung Cancer: Tumor Response and Analysis of Altered Gene Expression and Chromatin Structure Following DNA Demethylation in Vivo" Frederic Kaye, NCI; David Schrump, NCI; Alan Wolffe, NICHD

"Treatment of Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis Patients with Phosphocysteamine" Anil Mukherjee, NICHD; Rafael Caruso, NEI

"Tumor-Specific Replicating Vaccinia Virus Expressing Cytosine Deaminase for Therapy of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer" David Bartlett, NCI; Bernard Moss, NIAID; H. R. Alexander, NCI; Steve Libutti, NCI; Richard Chang, CC; Clara Chen, CC

"Anti-Tumor Immunotherapy Linking the Mouse to the Human Experience Through the Danger Model" Polly Matzinger, NIAID; Francesco Marincola, NCI

"Effect of the Aromatase Inhibitor Letrozole on Estrogen Levels and Fibrous Dysplasia of Bone in Patients with McCune-Albright Syndrome" Penelope Feuillan, NICHD; Pamela Robey, NIDCR

"Genotypic and Phenoptypic Dissection of the Smith-Magenis Syndrome: An Interdisciplinary Study of Physical, Cognitive, and Neurobehavioral Abnormalities in SMS" Ann Smith, NHGRI; Thomas Friedman, NIDCD; J. Blancato, Georgetown; Andre Gropman, NHGRI; P. Wolters, CC; Barbara Sonies, CC; Beth Soloman, CC: Andrew Griffith, NIDCD; Judith Rapoport, NIMH; Jay Giedd, NIMH; R. Nicholson, NIMH

"Inhibition of Angiogenesis in Severe Early Rheumatoid Arthritis" Hani El-Gabalawy, NIAMS; William Eckelman, CC; Jorge Carrasquillo, CC: Bob Balaban, NHLBI; S. Koenig, MedImmune, Inc.

"Selective Depletion of Donor Lymphocytes Causing Graft-versus-Host Disease to Improve Outcome of Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation" John Barrett, NHLBI; Elizabeth Read, CC

"Studies of CD40 Ligand Trimer as an Adjuvant for HIV-1 Vaccines" Genoveffa Franchini, NCI; Ashish Jain, NIAID; Warren Strober, NIAID; Joe Kovacs, NIAID; Robert Seder, NIAID


"Magnetic Resonance Elastography: A Clinical Technique in the Management of Malignant Acute Hemispheric Stroke with Implications for Patient Intervention by Hemicraniectomy and Duroplasty" David Moore, NINDS; Emilio Dimitriadis, DBEPS

"A Phase I/II Pilot Study to Evaluate the Induction of Immune Tolerance in Patients with Sight-Threatening Autoimmune Uveitis Treated with Zenapax and Rapamycin" Jack Ragheb, NEI; Tom Waldmann, NCI; Robert Nussenblatt, NEI

"Use of IL-10 to Improve the Therapeutic Window of Cisplatin" Robert Starr, NIDDK; David Bartlett, NCI; R. Alexander, NCI

"Targeted Delivery of Nitric Oxide by Hemoglobin to Improve Regional Blood Flow in Sickle Cell Disease" Frederick Ognibene, CC; Richard Cannon, NHLBI; Mark Gladwin, CC

"Combination Antiviral and Immunomodulatory Therapy for Chronic Hepatitis B" Marc Ghany, NIDDK; Barbara Rehermann, NIDDK; Harvey Alter, CC

"Mutation of Human Growth Hormone (hGH) Sorting Motifs to Facilitate Gene Therapeutics Applications with Salivary Glands in Adult hGH-Deficient Patients" Bruce Baum, NIDCR; Y Peng Loh, NICHD

"Genomic Changes in Premalignant, Preinvasive, and Invasive Breast Cancer in Women Genetically at High Risk for Breast Cancer" Ruthann Giusti, NCI; Thomas Ried, NCI

"Treatment of Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome with Simvastatin" Forbes Porter, NICHD; Alfred Yergey, NICHD; E. Tierney, The Kennedy Krieger Institute

"New Treatments for Intractable Pain" Michael Iadorola, NIDCR; Ann Berger, NIDCR/CC


"T Cell-Depleting Monoclonal Antibody Campath-1H in patients wioth Inclusion Body Myositis: Correlation of Clinical Response with Changes in Endomysial T-Cell Epitopes, Inflammatory Cytokines, and Costimulatory Molecules" Marinos Dalakas, NINDS; Roland Martin, NINDS

"Alloreactive Natural Killer (NK) Cell Immunotherapy to Improve Outcome of Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation" John Barrett, NHLBI; Elizabeth Read, CC

"Intracellular calcium Measurement in Adipocytes (ICMA): An Adjunct to the Study of Supplemental Calcium in Overweight Outpatients (SCOOP) Study" Shamik Parikh, NICHD; Paul Blank, NICHD

"Impact on Platelet Survival of Donor/Recipient Selection Based on Definitive Sequence-Based HLA Typing" Susan Leitman, CC; Francesco Marincola, CC

"Characterization of High-Risk Breast Duct Epithelium by Cytology, Breast Endoscopy, and cDNA Gene Expression Profile" David Danforth, NCI; Patricia Steeg, NCI

"Potential Involvement of a Brain-Specific Isoform of the Winged Helix Transcription Factor RFX4 in Human Congenital Hydrocephalus" Perry Blackshear, NIEHS; Darryl Zeldin, NIEHS



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