T H E   N I H   C A T A L Y S T     J A N U A R Y  –  F E B R U A R Y  2002


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The NIH Catalyst, the research news publication for and about the NIH intramural community, seeks a few good interns (one or two at any given time).

Anyone interested in exploring an alternative career in science writing or in acquiring new skills should consider a detail to work on the Catalyst.

With the support of their home institutes, full-time detailees can relocate to Building 2, Room 2W23, for up to three months. At the Catalyst, you can learn all aspects of producing a news magazine, including:

using the required hardware and software—computer, printer, scanner, digital camera, PageMaker print layout, and Dreamweaver web page design

carrying out those tasks that go into writing science news and features–interviewing people on the phone and in person, covering seminars and lectures, and summarizing and synthesizing other materials that relate to the story you’re working on

Arrangements for those who want to straddle their lab and the Catalyst office are also easily made, as are accommodations for those who want to continue basically full time in the lab and fulfill discrete assignments for the Catalyst. Contact Fran Pollner (301-402-7248).


The NIH Library in Building 10 offers full-text online journals and a slew of services and resources. Some of the more recent provisions follow.

Additional databases now offered through Ovid Online. CINAHL, AGRICOLA, MEDLINE—including PreMEDLINE from 1966 and PsycINFO with coverage from 1887—are now accessible via desktop.

E-delivery available for all document requests. The Library can now e-mail full-text journal articles to NIH staff who use Web of Science; submit requests via the Library’s online catalog or use printed form 232.

Loansome Doc delivery options defined. Users should select mail or e-mail delivery for NIH addresses only for Loansome Doc requests. Documents are not faxed. For assistance in making changes to your Loansome Doc profile, e-mail Rosalie Stroman.

Electronic access activated for more journals. American Chemical Society journals, as well as the American Journal of Public Health and Immunological Investigations, are now available electronically from the NIH Library’s Online Journals page.

NEW tutorial on ordering articles from PubMed. An animated PubMed tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to register to order documents from PubMed is available.

NEW online books. The online version of Current Protocols laboratory manuals and links to Cytokine Reference and <LWWOncology.com> can be accessed from the Electronic Resources Online Books page.

NEW scientific and medical web sites. Three new authoritative links have been added to the NIH Library’s Scientific and Medical Sites page. Access highly cited articles by category, a scientific content search engine, and global health.

For more about Library services, subscribe to the NIH Library’s news alert e-mail service by e-mailing this site with the message: subscribe NIHLIB-L your name. To unsubscribe, use the message: unsubscribe NIHLIB-L. E-mail the library or call 301-496-2184 with comments.


A workshop on teaching called "Success in the Classroom" will be held February 25, another in a series of "Survival Skills Workshops" sponsored by the NIH Fellows Committee, in conjunction with the NIH Office of Education and the Office of Research on Women’s Health.

Participants will learn the basics of course design, such as selecting a textbook, developing a syllabus, and designing exams.

The next workshop, March 18, is on "Career Options," and will feature outside speakers on the options available after training in research, such as teaching, science law, publishing, administration, and research in industry.

Workshops are open to all NIH fellows and are held in Building 10, Lipsett Auditorium, from 8:30–11:30 a.m. No need to preregister.

For more info, contact Debbie Cohen or Margaret Mentink-Kane at (301) 594-2345.






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