T H E   N I H    C A T A L Y S T      M A R C H  –   A P R I L   2000



May 19 is the deadline for the next round of JSPS fellowships, sponsored by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, in cooperation with the Fogarty International Center (FIC) and OIR.

Twenty fellowships will be awarded to support the research in NIH laboratories of young Japanese postdoctoral researchers who intend to have research positions at Japanese universities or other academic institutions in Japan. The fellowship lasts for up to two years and must begin on January 1, February 1, or March 1, 2001.

Candidates must be under 34 or 36 years old (depending on field) as of April 1, 2000, be Japanese citizens or permanent residents of Japan, and hold a doctoral degree.

Applications should be submitted to FIC in both Japanese and English. For application forms, and further information, contact Kathleen Michels, JSPS Programs, Division of International Training and Research, Fogarty International Center, NIH, Bethesda, MD 20892-2220; phone: (301) 496-1653; fax: (301) 402-0779; e-mail:



The seventh annual Fellows Award for Research Excellence–FARE 2001–competition will again provide recognition for outstanding scientific research performed by intramural postdoctoral fellows. FARE winners will each receive a $1000 travel award to use for attending and presenting their work at a scientific meeting between October 1, 2000, and September 30, 2001.

The competition is open to postdoctoral IRTAs, visiting fellows, and other fellows with less than 5 years total postdoctoral experience in the NIH intramural research program. Pre-IRTAs performing their dissertation research at NIH are also eligible to compete. Visiting fellows and scientists must not have been tenured at their home institute. Questions about eligibility should be addressed to your institute’s scientific director.

Fellows are asked to submit their application, including abstract, electronically from May 1–May 31, 2000 (5:00 p.m., EST), via the NIH Fellows Committee web site.

Those who cannot access the electronic application in their laboratory can find additional computers at the Scientific Computing Resource Center in Bldg. 12A, Rm 1018, the User Resource Center in Bldg. 31, Rm B2B47, as well as the NIH Library in Bldg. 10. Abstracts are evaluated anonymously on scientific merit, originality, experimental design, and overall quality and presentation. Winners will be announced by September 2000.

Questions about FARE 2001 may also be addressed to your institute’s Fellows Committee representative or sent to:


FARE 2001 is sponsored by the NIH Fellows Committee, Scientific Directors, NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health, and NIH Office of Education. The FARE 2001 award is funded by the Scientific Directors and NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health.


Women working at NIH who have registered for the Worksite Lactation Program can also take two classes this spring related to breast-feeding. To register for the lactation program, visit

their web site

For more information, contact Jane Balkam at 301-435-7850 or e-mail at <balkamj@od.nih>.


The NIH Training Center, run by the Office of Human Resource Development, has numerous course offerings throughout the year. The courses are available through the NIH Integrated Training System (NIHITS), an electronic process whereby the sponsoring institute nominates and covers the course fee for the nominated individual. Following are a few examples of courses scheduled for April and May, some of which are repeated at later dates.

April 25–26 or July 18–19, 9–4, Executive Plaza South, Room 9: How To Manage Conflict: Solving Problems at Work (1456). Nomination deadline March 28 or June 20.

April 27–28 or June 8–9, 9–4, Executive Plaza South, Room 8: Scientific and Technical Briefing (2160). Nomination deadline March 31 or May 11.

May 2–3 or September 20–21, 9–4, Executive Plaza South, Room 8, Scientific and Technical Editing (1506). Nomination deadline April 4 or August 23.

May 9–11 or September 19–21, 9–4, Executive Plaza South, Room 8: Scientific and Technical Writing (2154). Nomination deadline April 11 or August 22..

For more detailed course information, as well as the complete course offerings, call HRDD at 301-496-621, or visit the HRDD web site.




The Work and Family Life Center Resource and Referral Services provides NIH employees with reliable and timely referrals* to many types of childcare, eldercare, and adult dependent care, nationwide. Call (301) 435-1619 for confidential information on:

— Temporary and part-time care
— Permanent childcare and schooling
— Before and after school car
— Emergency and back-up care
— Sick child care
— Care for children and adults with special needs
— Summer programs and camps for children and adults
— Colleges
— Financial aid and tuition assistance
— Eldercare and housing
— Respite care
— Transportation and meals for elderly relatives and dependent adults

*To licensed care providers only.




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